The Battle of Limbworld occurred five years prior to the abduction of the Heretic from the Brightest Eye homeworld, Pupil. It was fought above the planet Limbworld between the Brightest Eye and the Vrerhoard.


The Great Battle of Limbworld raged for hours uncounted. The great war vessels of the Brightest Eye Fleet, each commanded by an Eye of dignified standing, fell to the swarming vessels of the Vrerhoard. The Brightest Eye vessel Obliterating Fire, under the command of Partisan Teacher, was the last ship to fall during the battle.

During the last moments of the battle, the Obliterating Fire came under attack from the nine remaining Vrerhoard vessels. Through clever use of piloting and combat maneuvers, two of the Vrerhoard vessels were destroyed, with a third heavily damaged. At that point the Obliterating Fire came under direct bombardment from the remaining six Vrerhoard vessels, incapacitating it.

The commanding officer of the Obliterating Fire, Partisan Teacher, then ordered the detonation of the ship's crossing drive. Before this could be accomplished, the ship was boarded by the Vrer. Partisan Teacher engaged a Vrer on the bridge in close combat, whilst the ships Scanmaster, Infinite Seeker, released coolant within the ship in an effort to destroy them.

With his brother grappled by the Vrer, the ships pilot Noble Defender cut Partisan Teacher's leg off to free him from his enemies clutches, and then dragged him to a waiting boarding spear. The boarding spear, with key crew inside, launched back towards Limbworld.

The Obliterating Fire then made good on its name. The crossing core detonated, causing the detonation of the crossing drives from the surrounding disabled Vrerhoard and Brightest Eye ships, creating a cataclysmic explosion that engulfed tall of the remaining Vrerhoard vessels.