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The Brightest Eye are a warrior species that has more in common with Cockroaches than humans. They are durable, intense, focused and brutal. Brightest Eye are linked by a philosophical/technological connection known as “The Concordance” and were governed by a single individual known as “The Mother”. They are highly aggressive as a culture and have subjugated the Limbs, Tongues and Minds as their vassals.

The Brightest Eye are actually the name of the constellation as used by the Pac-Ha and the Cyryn. The Brightest Eye took on the name after they became space-faring. Before that they called themselves the Hunted and the Dying because they were evolutionary dead-ends.


Notable Brightest Eye

Bountiful and Thriving

The Bountiful and Thriving are a group of Brightest Eye, or rather "The Hunted and the Dying", that were found on Bastion 3 by the crew of the Screaming Valor. They were genetically similar to what the Brightest Eye were before they self-augmented and took on the Concordance. They were seemingly separated from their brethren nearly three millennia ago.

Since their separation, the Bountiful and Thriving have evolved in a number of ways. They have learned a form of communication where they click their wings against their chitin. This is known as stridulation and is used by certain Earth insects such as crickets. In addition to this they have their pheromone glands intact, as Brightest Eye have this removed when fitted with the Concordance.

Notable Bountiful and Thriving

  • Enduring Adversary
  • Stalwart Sentry
  • Errant Shadow
  • Rigid Pragmatist
  • Unbending Loyalist
  • Efficient Forager
  • Itinerant Wanderer