The Concordance is a philosophical/technological link connecting Brightest Eyes and their elevated vassals. It is used to coordinate militarily, culturally and morally.

The Concordance is implanted into the recipient and linked directly into the hosts brain. It cannot be switched off, and cannot be removed without doing severe damage to the hosts brain.

Most often the Concordance is seen as a communications device - a Brightest Eye can use the Concordance to instantly communicate over great distances with any other Brightest Eye. Communication is made mentally, allowing covert conversations to take place. Communication can also be made with connected computer systems.

There is an external, removable section of the Concordance device. It has been shown to be able to hack and download information from computer systems, which can then be accessed once re-attached to the user.

The Concordance is usually reserved for Brightest Eye only. Noble Defender, having been adopted by Father Seven, is the first non-Brightest Eye to have been fitted with the Concordance.

Crisis Waves

A Crisis Wave is an event that takes place across the Concordance, usually in times of great distress. A communication is made across the Concordance to all those connected to it. The event is painful, and often incapacitates those connected to the Concordance for the duration.

Several Crisis Waves have been seen in game: