Cyryn 7-20, also known as Hoss Claw Firstworld by the Brightest Eye, was a planet within Cyryn space. It was the location of the Third Arm Stellar Survival Directory before it was destroyed.


The planet known as Cyryn 7-20 consisted of two continents - the eastern continent was covered in a dense forest, the western continent was a mix of jungles and desert surrounded on three sides by a large mountain range. Within the jungles were a number of prehistoric lifeforms, including a Tyranasaurus Rex, Quetzalcoatlus, Pteranodons, and Velociraptors.

Beneath the mountains at the northern most point of the western continent lay the Pac-Ha facility know as the Third Arm Stellar Survival Directory. The Directory, and the planet, were destroyed during the events of Third Arm Stellar Survival Directory (part 2).