The Flame are a species that takes the form a sentient flame. Capable of forming bodies out of the stone of their home world, most Flame present themselves as hulking rock monsters. Flame are typically aligned with The Peacekeep.

Flames aren't generally seen on mixed species starships. The reason for this is that these star ships aren’t really built for them.


The Flame originated on a planet called the Source, named after their creator and god - The Source. That planet was destroyed by the Slate, whereupon they were relocated by the Pac-Ha to Flameworld.

Flame are not born - they were created by The Source, and when their physical body fails they create a new body and transfer their flame (which is their consciousness) to the new body. This meant that the number of Flame in existence never increased, that is until the birth of Sira the Unbidden.

When two Flame fell in love, their flames sparked a new life force. This spark became Sira - she was the first of her species to be born from genetic coupling. Her physical origin lent her to receiving the title "Unbidden". This inspired her whole race to evolve, changing the Flame forever. More Flame have since been created from genetic coupling, and out of respect to Sira they are also entitled "Unbidden".

Flame do not eat or sleep. As such, a Flame's home does not include a kitchen or sleeping quarters.

Notable Flame