Gunboat Diplomacy is the fifth episode of the first season of VAST. It features the crew of the Avalon, as well as guest star Amy Vorpahl.

Plot synopsis

Following the murder of the resident Pac-Ha on board the Avalon, the ship is recalled to Kirae. Captain Bard and her crew are tasked to engage in negotiations with the Dieikae, alongside and against a representative of the Cyryn Ventures, for an information sharing agreement.

During the crew's time on Dieikae, Rayk is voluntarily placed in isolation undergoing "Correction" for his substance abuse.



Non-Player Characters

  • Tom Rampel
  • Oon Yapeth
  • Alee Aagaramos
  • Eldao Jerrima
  • Pytoa Keram
  • Prosperity Foster Garema
  • Tel Ampenien
  • Preston

Notes & trivia

  • Jeff Torres missed this episode as he was returning from Iceland - "Rayk was in Reykjavik"