The Ilatim are a species within the Peacekeep. Their current homeworld is Thoreceus.


The Ilatim are humanoids of average height, with simmering silver skin and small conic horns scattered about their head – each Ilatim has distinct horns to differentiate them, much the way human hair is. They have four eyes, a set of two are close to nose, with a pair of larger round eyes higher up their face and further apart. Their noses have two intersecting slits, mouths similar to humans though slightly smaller and with no teeth (they do not eat). They have two arms with seven fingers on their dominant hand, but only three on their non-dominant hand.

Life Cycle

The Ilatim have 3 phases in their life cycle: childhood, chrysalis, and adulthood. Their natural life cycle has no end, as they are connected as part of this life cycle to the Orbs. The Orbs come from their original planet. When that planet was destroyed by the Slate, as many Orbs as possible were relocated by the Pac-Ha to Thoreceus as they are central to their species’ entire physical being.

When the Ilatim are in childhood, they feed off the energy from the Orbs – the Orbs essentially birth their living bodies and give them what could be thought of as “soul energy” (their life force). If they stray away from the Orbs during childhood they would feel agony, and as such they stay around the Orbs at all times.

If they leave an Orb for long enough they undergoing the “parting” – this is extremely painful. If they are away before they are ready for the chrysalis phase they undergo the “hardening” whereby they harden on the outside before crystalizing and then shattering.

After childhood is the chrysalis phase. After they have absorbed enough energy from the Orbs and it is time for them to “awaken”, they remove themselves from the Orbs. For two weeks they harden in a way that is natural for their life cycle. This leads them into adulthood. During adulthood they are not restrained by needing to be close to the Orbs.

Following their natural lifespan the Ilatim choose the time to end their natural lives. At this point they return to the Orbs and replenish them with their own energy. This energy is then used to birth a new generation of Ilatim.

Notable Ilatim

  • Farda Orbholder
  • Deenin Allchild