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The Kiraeyi are species of slender, beautiful “cat people” with four arms, gorgeous features, and a sleek layer of fur across their bodies. Aided by the mild, mood controlling pheromones they naturally produce, they are highly effective diplomats recognized across the galaxy for their social skills. They were the first race rescued from The Slate by the Pac-Ha and are the most populous race within The Peacekeep.

Kiraeyi have been mentioned at a slave race, particularly "pleasure slaves" by the Cyryn AI interface, due to their pheromone-like abilities. Though this is the case, Kiraeyi are capable of taking up any type of role within Pac-Ha Peacekeep given they have the abilities to complete the tasks involved in that position.


The Kiraeyi are a bipedal species that have four arms which originate from their collarbone, much like in a Terran. They have feline-like ears and tail, capable of They have a layer of fur covering over their bodies that can be any pattern or colour; black, grey, blue and orange (S1,ep1-5) are some examples of fur colours that have been observed. This fur is capable of micro-expressions, that are observed in other species such as the Dieikae, though they aren't a common social behaviour in the species.


  • They live in tribes on their home planet called Kirae.
  • The Kiraeyi are born in litters like kittens. Then the physically more beautiful (by Kiraeyi Standards) child is chosen as the lone child, then the rest are fed to that child. So it can gain attributes to make that child superior in every way. When kittens come out holding hands, it is against old spiritual law to separate them as they are considered "One soul in two bodies".

Notable Kiraeyi

  • Louvin Yikjaal Muur - First Officer on the Avalon
  • Rayk Yikjaal Muur - Helmsman on the Avalon
  • Admiral Gre’uk Fit’dal Jam’bet-Wa’hud III - Commanding officer of the Kiraeyi fleet above Link
  • Admiral Selin Korbash Varr - Commander of the Peacekeep
  • Ambassador Dee’ud Mayan Mi’et - Ambassador to Terra, deceased