Maurice Fennhar was a Cyryn employed as a security officer at the Merchant Hall on Cyryn Prime.


Maurice was a well-built security officer at the Merchant Hall on Cyryn Prime. When encountered by Ghasca Ueno and the crew of the Screaming Valor (acting as her security), he was convinced to let them into the main hall with their weapons intact.

Maurice had known Ghasca for a very long time, since she was a single ship trader. Whilst conversing with Ghasca in the Merchants Hall, Maurice stated he wished she had accepted his proposal, but that he understood. In an effort to cope, Maurice had got several space-cats to keep him company. Ghasca responded, saying she will always remember what he said outside the Tickled Limb (bar).

Following the attempted assassination of Ghasca Ueno by an unknown Planar assassin, Maurice was murdered by the assassin as it left the hall.

Behind the scenes

  • Following on from the romantic references between Ghasca and Maurice, the VAST forum wrote "The Ballad of Ghasca Ueno and Maurice Fennhar", detailing how these two starship-crossed lovers lived, met, fell in love... and, sadly, parted ways.