Parasites is the tenth episode of the second season of VAST.

Plot synopsis

Recovering from their ordeal on Terra, the crew of the Avalon receive new orders from Admiral Korbash Varr. They are to head to the Xocoltol homeworld of Sheron where they are to rendezvous with someone unexpected - a Ta'al Klee worldship.


Non-Player Characters

  • Chief Engineer Xocolt Malcor - Xocoltol
  • Admiral Selin Korbash Varr - Commander of the Peacekeep
  • Yidris Greatenn Peel - Kiraeyi junior officer on the Avalon
  • Jonah Hasscamp - Security, Terran
  • Lt Carabridgia - Ilatim
  • Lt Cdr Gotem
  • Orya Simon
  • Sa’ari Adon Devaz
  • Ghasca Ueno
  • Unnamed female Cyryn captain


  • Sheron