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Pupil is a planet in VAST. It is the home world of the Brightest Eye.





The Spire

The spire is the greatest of all the Brightest Eye structures. It is an incredible floating palace that is actually tethered to an orbital satellite so that the Spire, though it looks like it comes out of the ground, actually moves around the planet’s equator so that it can constantly be vigilant over the course of the entire planet. You can see the sky moving as you stand on it. The Spire builds up like a mountain towards a summit, with a large crater-like amphitheatre in the top. Around the crest of the mountain on all sides are the Fathers. These are thirty individual Brightest Eye alpha males. They are all a little bit larger, older, and have procreated many times, so their bodies have swollen as a result of the broods that they have carried for the Mother. In the centre of the chamber on a spire under a veil that cannot be seen through, and in fact very specifically not allowed to see, is the Mother. She sits above the fathers in infinite glory and unknowable purpose.

Behind the scenes

  • The Spire was inspired by the Cradle in Neil Stephenson's Seveneves.