Season 1 of VAST consists of 13 episodes, plus a mid-season Q&A. It premiered on 7th November 2016 on Project Alpha and Twitch.

Air Dates

The season premiered on November 7 2016. The mid-season finale was aired on 12 December 2016, with a cast and writers Q&A broadcast on 19 December 2016. The season returned in the new year on 9 January 2017 and ended with the finale on 20 February 2017.

The first four episodes of the season were broadcast live on Alpha and Twitch, with those episodes later posted to YouTube. From episode five onward they were exclusively broadcast on Alpha.

During the airing of season 2 of VAST on Project Alpha, episodes of season 1 were simulcast on Twitch.

Plot overview

Season 1 follows the story of the crews of two star ships over alternating weeks - the Avalon and the Screaming Valor.

In a galaxy under threat from an interstellar natural disaster known as the Slate, a Brightest Eye asset known as the Heretic escapes captivity on their homeworld. He is taken in by the Peacekeep ship Avalon as they search for an answer to stop the world-devouring galactic event. Meanwhile, as the Slate once again encroaches upon Brightest Eye space, the Screaming Valor is deployed to retrieve the Heretic and return him to his rightful place by any means necessary.





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Behind the scenes

  • Season 1 was supposed to have only twelve episodes, but Jackson Lanzing stated during The Truth that Alpha had let him eat into his schedule by an episode.