The Cyryn Contract is the eighth episode in the first season of VAST. It is the first episode for the crew of the Screaming Valor after the events of Third Arm Stellar Survival Directory (part 2). The episode also features guest star Amy Vorpahl.

Plot synopsis

Prelude: Six year prior to the current events, the commanding officer of the Obliterating Fire, Partisan Teacher, deals with the Limb at the head of a vassal rebellion.

Main Story: After been hurtled hundreds of light years by the explosion of Hoss Claw Firstworld, the Screaming Valor finds itself without power, 98% of the ships systems, and the ships pilot, but with prize of the very dangerous Tongue know as the Heretic. The crew are rescued by a familiar (to some) face, Ghasca Ueno, and are employed by her in return for the repair of their ship. The crew travel to Cyryn Prime, where they are embroiled in political machinations, subterfuge, and assassination attempts whilst trying to protect Ghasca Ueno and return their prize to the Brightest Eye.


Non-Player Characters

Notes & trivia

  • It was initially expected that Dylan Dovale would appear in this episode. His seat was even left open at the start of the game, until Jackson Lanzing announced he would not be joining the episode. It was later revealed that it was never intended for Dylan to appear in the episode.
  • Anne Mortensen-Agnew had written much more content for the episode, to follow after the events in the Merchants Hall.