The Hunted and the Dying is the tenth episode of the first season of VAST. The episode features the crew of the Screaming Valor.

Plot synopsis

On their way back to the Brightest Eye, the Screaming Valor is lured into the Bastion Nebula where they encounter an ancient Ta’al Klee facility emitting anti-Slate radiation. The crew embark on an exploratory mission into the Ta’al Klee basilica, only to be attacked by an ancient yet familiar foe.



Non-Player Characters

Notes & trivia

  • At the start of this episode, Jackson did not disclose the true title of the episode as he thought it would give away the surprise. Instead, he used the alternate title of "The Station at Bastion". The title of the episode on the Alpha stream was "Mind Over Matter".
  • Kelly and Shaex5 return before the show to introduce drinks inspired by the crew of the Screaming Valor. Max Isaacson impressed everyone by skulling his entire drink.
  • At the start of the episode, the significant upgrades to the Screaming Valor are revealed.