The Rampel Gambit is the third episode of Tales From VAST. It was inspired by a forums submission by Saftware.

Plot synopsis

135 years before the events of Season 1, after coming to power following the death of her father by her own hands, Charlotte Rampel teams up with some unlikely allies to try to end the Sojourner-Returner War.


Non-Player Characters

  • Meilon Garto - Guard Captain to the Prince Sojourner
  • Dave - Purveyor of ramen
  • Biloxi
  • Pauli Xiu
  • General Jason Rau
  • Joseph Rampel - Nephew of Trevor Rampel
  • Matthias Rampel - Son of Joseph Rampel, father of Charlotte and Thomas Rampel
  • Thomas Rampel - Son of Matthias Rampel, brother of Charlotte Rampel