The Heretics absence has cursed the Eye.
The Slate comes for all.

The Slate is a mysterious and devastating phenomenon of previously unknown origin that has been described as a primal, cracking field of energy. Suspected by many to be a cosmic natural disaster of some kind, it has been consuming swaths of the galaxy for thousands of years. It is also referred to by the Pac-Ha as the Alpha Singularity.


Unknown to most of the universe until recently, the Slate was inadvertently created by the individual known as Pac-Ha. He believed that he could reach into the strings of existence and manipulate them, and in so doing could undo the death of his people and his partner Ac-Teth.

In order to create a space-time rip, Pac-Ha built two starships: the Exemplar and the Vanglorious. Each vessel would generate an intense matter stream: one of technological means, and one of biological. This would channel his life energy along with energy at a quantum level into a single fissure. So that he didn't have to end his own life, Pac-Ha created a clone of himself to sacrifice, the first Pac-Ha.

Unfortunately, the experiment failed. As a result of the failure, the heat death of the universe was greatly accelerated. This became known as the Slate.


More than seven hundred years prior to his escape from the Brightest Eye, This Might Be a Good Idea was created by a joint partnership between the Ta'al Klee technologist Kazukuul and one of the Fathers of the Brightest Eye. Kazukuul believed that the Slate was the epitome of evolution and could be communicated with, and as such created Project Heretic to test that theory.

This Might Be a Good Idea was successful in communicating with the Slate, and as a result was able to keep it at bay until his escape from Pupil.

More than seven hundred years later, through the combined efforts of the crews of the Screaming Valor and Avalon, the Concordance, and the Cyryn AI from the Kar'nala, This Might Be a Good Idea was able to once again reach out and communicate to the Slate. He was able to convince it not to consume the rest of the galaxy, and it contracted back to almost nothing, taking This Might Be a Good Idea with it.

Planets affected by the Slate