The Vast and the Furious is the third episode of the first season of VAST. It features the crew of the Starcrosser Avalon.

Plot synopsis

With the Slate encroaching on Brightest Eye space, the crew of the Avalon is dispatched to offer them assistance, but they are sent into turmoil when they are unexpectedly sent at Crossing speed through the Slate. They find themselves stranded with no ship systems online, but the Brightest Eye is not the only the only threat they must face.



Non-Player Characters

Notes & trivia

  • The episode is a pun on "The Fast and the Furious". There were several references to people and places from that movie franchise:
    • Pawaka - Paul Walker
    • Tor-h'to - Toretto
    • Storage room 1327F - The Toretto house (1327)
    • In a later episode, Jackson revealed there was a drive the crew could have built that was an acronym for 'Vin Diesel'.
  • The Avalon was intended to be involved in a chase through the Slate by the Brightest Eye. This was averted by clever social interactions by This Might Be a Good Idea and Louvin Yikjaal Muur. The chase was to be the basis for the name of the episode.